Photo Tours of Special Markets

This is a special kind of photography tour in Delhi city which covers some really special markets of the city. In this photo tour, the guests have the choice of visiting some unique wholesale markets of flowers, grains, fish, chicken, handicrafts and a large locality dealing in junk of various types and a few more. Some of these markets start their business early morning at about 4:30 am and the tours usually start at this time. A late start on certain days for certain markets can be accommodated too. It is unlike any other photography walk and helps you take pictures of very interesting things, people and processes which are a mystery to most people of the city. It is a fast paced tour with breaks only in between traveling from one place to another. The markets included in each tour depend upon factors like day of week, available time and preference of guests.
DURATION: 4-6 hours.
COST: INR 6500 for one guest. INR  5400 for each additional guest.
PLACES: Flower market, fish market, chicken market, junk yard, Tibetan market, handicrafts market and a few others. We can cover 1-3 markets in a normal tour.
TRANSPORT: Free pickup and drop from central Delhi

Delhi Photo Tour