• custom photography tours Professional Travel Photography Services in New Delhi India
    A photo tour just for you is a great way of exploring Delhi if you are visiting Delhi for 1st time or have been living here for decades. There is always something new that you’ll discover every time you step out. These private photo tours of Delhi help you do that and much more. These tours can cover just one or multiple aspects of the city. For example, you can choose to cover monuments, bazaars, people, some particular attraction or a mix of all this. You provide us with date, time, location and your general requirements and we’ll arrange a custom photography tour just for you.We’ll be more than just happy to be of any service if you want to design your own photography tour of Delhi.
    The guests can pick and choose the places and activities that they want to cover and we can take care of all the logistics including transport, guides, photography gear and everything else. The photography tour can include a mix of photography during sightseeing, food walk, bazar tour or just a dedicated photography tour in places of their choice.These tours are best utilised by serious travelers and photographers who want to utilise their time most effectively. As these tours are always private, there are no distractions and maximum freedom to do your own thing.Cost of such custom tours differs according to duration and activities chosen.
    The guests can choose these type of photo tours to cover any theme of their choice. Delhi being capital of the country is home to people and cultures from all over India and even foreign countries. Each culture and ideology has left it’s mark o the city in it’s own unique way. Join us to explore this diversity of Delhi city in a theme based photography tour of your choice.
    DURATION: Variable
    BOOKING:  Please fill up contact form or email info@delhiphototour.com to send your requirements.
  • Photo Walks in New Delhi With A Photographer Photo Walk in New Delhi With A Photographer
    This is photo walk led by one or more local photographers which helps you explore the sights, people, markets and various other attractions of Delhi city. It’s a great choice for budding photographers who wish to explore the city by way of their camera as well as learn the technicalities of taking some great photos from someone who does this for a living. The locations of the photo walk differ every time. One day we will explore the glitzy markets of Connaught Place and Jan Path, next it will be Raj Path, seat of power in India with it’s India Gate, Parliament, gardens and so on. Each photo walk will cover a different theme on different days.
    DURATION: 4 hours
    COST: From INR 3500 for one ticket.
    PLACES COVERED: Multiple places across Delhi.
  • Food tasting and Photography in New Delhi Food and photography tours
    Food & Photo Tour Of  Delhi: This tour covers the food and sights of crowded and bustling streets of Old Delhi area or markets and monuments of New Delhi. Old Delhi which includes Chandni Chowk, Chawdi Bazar and Spice Market is one of the craziest and most crowded places in Delhi with houses and markets which are 100s of years old. The guests will have the chance to taste some great food from eating joints which are more than 100 years old as well as take pictures of diverse people, old markets and of course food. NOTE: This tour can be done in New Delhi with visits to some monuments and food tasting along the way.
    DURATION: 5-6 hours
    COST: INR 6500 for one guest. INR 6000 if you buy two or more tickets.
    INCLUDES: Snacks and one meal  (12-15 dishes) from 6-7 old and reputed food joints.
    PLACES COVERED: Old Delhi or New Delhi depending upon preferences of guests and availability.
    MEET UP: Meet up in Old Delhi
  • Sale!
    Food tasting and Photography in New Delhi Food and photography tours

    Full Day Food and Photo Tour of Delhi

    Original price was: ₹11,000.00.Current price is: ₹10,000.00. INR
    This tour will combine the best of Delhi cuisine and sights for you and your camera. Depending upon your preferences, this tour can cover New Delhi or Old Delhi or a mix of both. Latter will hel you explore the sights, people, markets and cuisine of both the places to appreciate the contrast between old world charm and modern day glitz of both parts of the city. Alternatively, this tour can cover monuments of New Delhi along with food tasting there. Full Day Food & Photo Tour of Delhi
    • DURATION: 8-9 hours
    • COST: INR 11000 for one guest. INR 9500 if you buy two or more tickets.
    • INCLUDES: Snacks and 2 meals  (18-20 dishes) from 9-10 old and reputed food joints.
    • PLACES COVERED: Spice Market, Chawari Bazar, Chandni Chowk, Connaught Place, Lodhi Garden, Jan Path and a few others in Old Delhi and New Delhi
    • TRANSPORT: Free pickup and drop from central Delhi
    • RELATED : Half Day Food & Photo Tour
  • A toy seller displaying his wares Night Photography tours
    Specially designed for night owls, this is a great way of exploring the life of city after dark.  Different parts of the city have different sights during different parts of the day and this night photography tour is a nice way of capturing the sights of city during night time. According to preferences of guests, the night photography tours can cover different parts of Old Delhi as well as New Delhi as both places have different points of interest. Markets of Old Delhi close down early, but the place is bustling with people well past midnight.  New Delhi is open relatively late and is full of hangouts for nightlife as well as beautiful sights of interest to a photographer.
    DURATION: 4-5 hours
    COST: INR 6500 for one guest. INR 5500 each if you buy two or more tickets.
    INCLUDES: Snacks, bottled water .
    PLACES COVERED: As per requirements
    TRANSPORT: Free pickup and drop from central Delhi
  • phone photo walks delhi phone photography walk old delhi
    If you the kind of traveler who is happier with taking pictures from a phone camera, then this photo tour is for you. Modern phones have good enough cameras for most part and can be used to take sufficiently good pictures. These photo tours help participants make better use of their phone cameras. The photography guides do the same thing that's offered in normal photo tours, help with composition of shots, guidance to good spots and so on. But in this case, it is with a phone camera. You can also ask the guide to take your pictures for Instagram or Facebook worthy shots. This photo tour is also available for monuments and other places in New Delhi.
    • DURATION: 5 hours
    • PLACES COVERED: Chandani Chowk, Chawari Bazaar, Spice Market, Kinari Bazar, Paranthe Waali Gali, Kucha Pati Ram and a few others, all in Old Delhi.
    • COST: INR 6000 for one guest. INR 5500 each if you buy two or more tickets.
    • TRANSPORT: Free pickup and drop from central Delhi.
    • OPTIONAL: Add street food tasting for INR 1500 for each guest.
  • Old Delhi Photo Walk Old Delhi Photography Tours

    Old Delhi Photo Tour

    5,000.00 INR
    Old Delhi area which includes iconic locations like Red Fort, Chandani Chowk, Chawari bazaar, Spice market is the best place to cover the crowds, bazaars, food and mind mind boggling diversity of Delhi city. The old mansions (havelis), bazaars, colourful shops, thousands of people, temples, mosques, chaotic yet working traffic and more is unlike everything you will experience anywhere. Photographers there love capturing the daily lives of people and soul stirring sights which seems so quaint and out of reality in a modern metro city like Delhi. The sights of shops in Old Delhi which are a mix of new businesses and old traditions is hard to find anywhere else. Ride rickshaws, walk on foot, take some great photographs of everything in this fast paced street photography tour of Old Delhi. DURATION: 5 hours PLACES COVERED: Chandni Chowk, Chawari Bazaar, Spice Market, Kinari Bazar, Paranthe Waali Gali, Kucha Pati Ram and a few others, all in Old Delhi. COST: INR 5000 for one guest. INR 4500 per guest on purchase of 2 or more tickets. MEET UP: Meet up in Old Delhi. Pickup and drop available for INR 1600-2000 depending upon location.
  • Photo Tour Of Faith

    6,500.00 INR
    India is the birth place of four major religions, countless ideologies and is a home for many more. People from distant corners of the world have made India their home and blessed it with their own faith and diversity. This photo tour celebrates Indian secularism and love of diversity which enables India to be a melting pot of so many different ideologies in a harmonious manner. Capture these stories in a photo tour of places of worship in Delhi which will help you understand the real diversity of Indian culture.
    • DURATION: 5-6 hours
    • COST: INR  6500 for one guest. INR 5500 each if you buy two or more tickets.
    • INCLUDES: Bottled water, Entry fees
    • PLACES COVERED: Multiple places of worship like Lotus temple, Birla Mandir, Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple, Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, ISKCON Temple, Chattarpur Mandir among others.
    • TRANSPORT: Pickup and drop in central Delhi.
  • Photo walk of junk market in New Delhi photo tour of flower market in Delhi
    This is a special kind of photography tour in Delhi city which covers some really special markets of the city. In this photo tour, the guests have the choice of visiting some unique wholesale markets of flowers, grains, fish, chicken, handicrafts and a large locality dealing in books and other old stuff of various types and a few more. Some of these markets start their business early morning at about 4:30 am and the some tours may start at this time. A late start on certain days for certain markets can be accommodated too. It is unlike any other photography walk and helps you take pictures of very interesting things, people and processes which are a mystery to most people of the city. It is a fast paced tour with breaks only in between traveling from one place to another. The markets included in each tour depend upon factors like day of week, available time and preference of guests.
    DURATION: 4-6 hours.
    COST: INR 6500 for one guest.  INR 5500 each if you buy two or more tickets.
    PLACES: Flower market, fish market, old books market, junk yard, Tibetan market, handicrafts market and a few others. We can cover 1-3 markets in a normal tour.
    TRANSPORT: Free pickup and drop from central Delhi
  • We have expert photographers with years of experience in diverse aspects of photography ranging from travel, food, fashion, landscapes and much more. If you need any kind of help related to photography, video shooting, gear rental or something similar, we’ll be happy to be of any service. You can have a dedicated professional photographer travel with you taking your pictures as well as pictures of interesting sights and people you see during your journey in India. Or may be you need someone knowledgeable to help you with your photo or video shoot of an event or project in India. We have a solution for your every need in any location, cities, jungles, villages and almost everything else in between. Cost of this service is decided according to scale of project. Write to us at info@delhiphototour.com for information and a price quote

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